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So....hier kommen jetzt ganz tolle Zitate hin, die irgendwelche lustigen leute ma abgelassen haben, lol!!

McFly Zitate:

,,A second of secondness''
,,A gurge of opportunities''
,,When I was little, I wanted to be a policecardriver,not
a policeman, just a policecardriver, that I can put on
the sirene!''
,,We like to strip Doug, cos he's a sexy little boy!''
,,Different job? Window cleaner!''
,,I have a real phobia of glass! I'm just scared it might

,,It's just so mental man, we're just crazy!''
,,I describe my style of dancing as a mix between
Techno mixed with Reagge-Soul!''
,,Zukie (my lizard) is jealous of our success! The fame of
being my lizard has gone to his head!''
,,I once fell in love with a crab on the beach! It was
called crab!''
,,Yeah I'll go out with you, but only if you perform
Beethovens Seventh Symphony on the recorder in
E Flat Minor 7 with a diminished root note!''
,,There's a secret dreamworld behind Danny's
wardrobe! We go there to feed the goats!''
,,I've made a film called Doctor Dougie-Little! I play a
doctor, who talks to horses, pigs and mice!''
,,I was swimming in the sea and I felt something
touched my leg and then I got pulled under and there
was this mermaid-chic and she kissed me like a
breath under water! That was my first and best kiss!''
,,Girls are the most important thing on the planet! Men
might bring the money, but Women give birth!''

,,Dogy, yeah! I don't call dogs dogs, I call them Dogy!''
,,I'm a poet and I don't know it!''
,,On a desert island, I'd take a mirror, so I could look at
myself and to reflect the sun of it!''
Tom:,,I'd take the other 3, for food!''
Harry:,,I just take you and I'd have enough for 3 years!''

,,Stop it! I wanna sing man!''
,,I'm really scared of the dark and electricity!''
,,If you like a guy with no mates and no dress-sense, I'm
your man!''
,,I'd really like to be an astronaut! I wanna go to space
one day!''

andere Zitate:

Jack Sparrow
,,Ich hab'n Glas voll Dreck! Ich hab'n Glas voll Dreck!''

mehr kommt bald....

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